Funny Times nails it again

Sometimes I think the only newspaper I want to read is Funny Times, if only it appeared more often than once a month. They’re the only ones who say what makes sense to me!

Here’s a small version of their front page this month (larger version here).


1 thought on “Funny Times nails it again

  1. I forgot to credit the cartoonist for this. It was done by ‘M. Wuerker’, Matt Wuerker, who won the Herblock prize for political cartooning this past February. The award presentation said this of him:
    “Wuerker is funny — the essential prerequisite for a cartoonist. But his cartoons work for other reasons,” Harris said. “He assumes and appreciates the intelligence of his audience and never forgets, even when his subjects do, the spirit of public interest that should animate the work of important people in Washington.”

    Here’s the article on that honor,

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