Trump and Jerusalem: Why now?

Let’s not delve into deep geopolitical stuff here; our president certainly doesn’t. 

Simply put, if you were Trump and wanted headlines justifying your Muslim ban travel restrictions/anti-refugee stance, and something to get Roy Moore and Robert Mueller off the front page, what could be better? Our president thinks he can do it with the stroke of a pen and that is his favorite form of action. Will international laws and treaties, and the UN, recognize his action? He could care less. 

Some extremist Muslims will oblige him with violent actions. Violence leads, on the news. Violence by “others” justifies our dismissal of them. If  an incident occurs here in the US, all the better for the extension of police power. With the notable exception of pro-life warriors and white supremacists: those guys are doing god’s work if they kill. Funny, isn’t there some other religious group that says that same thing about blowing up or shooting random people?

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