Apple’s short video tutorials

Mac users know that OS X, and its included applications such as Mail and Preview, can do more than we realize. One place that provides an easy review and demo of new functions is the tutorial site, Apple Business Theater. Beneath the video viewing window are dozens of titles. Here are some examples:


The video tutorials I sampled were only a couple of minutes long: tightly targeted to doing just the one action described. I was particularly interested in the new capabilities of Preview (Apple’s viewer for pdfs, images, and other things) to work with pdf files. In the past I have spent hours searching for and trying out various third-party apps to merge or edit a pdf, since we didn’t own Adobe’s expensive Acrobat editing program, only their free reader.

OS X enables “Print to pdf” from any app, and some apps such as Nisus Writer offer “Save as pdf” too. Either way, it is easy to create a pdf now without Acrobat. Now, using Preview, we can merge 2 pdfs, delete and re-arrange pages, add pages, and annotate pdfs.

Many other handy tips are demonstrated here; take a look!

3 thoughts on “Apple’s short video tutorials

  1. Thanks for posting this valuable information I have been considering buying a Mac instead of a PC this time around I sure did learn a lot from those videos. 🙂

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