No snoring, no lying

A new blog: challenging, like a white sheet of paper. Does the world need another blog? No. But blogs rise out of people’s need to say their piece––whether by a subject-oriented blog on science or politics, or a more personal, less link-laden, blog.

This one will be some of each.There are subjects I have personal experience with, for which I’ve searched in vain online for the information I needed, and I’d like to address those.
For example, methadone and chronic pain: the good, the bad, and the withdrawal.
Or the current antipathy of many Americans toward the entire idea of taxation; my county’s entire library system closed for 7 months in 2007 for lack of money, and 2 modest tax levies to re-open the libraries failed during that period. Are we really too poor to support libraries?

The dog on the masthead is our English Mastiff Bart, an old guy of ten. I’m afraid he does snore (a comforting sound, actually) but he never lies. Here’s another picture of him and one of Brook our Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Brook panting.jpg

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